Name That Font !!!

Aidez moi à trouver un nom pour ces polices. Ou  faites un choix parmis es propositions et dites moi celles que vous préférez
Favorits - Gagnant - [Trop tard :))
Help me to mane those fonts. Or choise one proposion and tell me your favorite
Favorites - Winner- [Too late :))
Envoyez vos idées à en indiquant le numéro de la police
Send your ideas to with the number of the font

7-  OK ! online !

Propositions : Butterflies are free, Flight of Font, Take Wing, Butterflies Are Freeware, Mariposa, Letterfly, Madame Butterfly, Butterfly Flutter, Butterflies in my Stomach, Flutter By, Butterflybet, Butty Fly Liberty, Papillons de l'Amour, [Letters With Wings, Monarque, Papillettre,[Papillusion, Papilia, FlutterBye, Papillons, WilD BuTTERfLy, Bread and Butterfly, Farfalle, Butterflykiss, Farfallini, Cho-cho-ji, Papilines, Papilyfonts, Borboleta, Clopillon, Papillon, Butterfly, Fly my butterfly, Poupounette Volante, Letterfly, Flytox,Vole Papillon Vole, Danaus, Charaxes, Iphiclides, Machao, Pieris, Poli(ce)pillon,

6-  OK ! online !

Propositions : Millenium Doors, Tabard, Drunken Limey, Tavern Signs, Saloon Doors, High Noon, Saloon, How The West Was Won, Wild Wild West, Batwings, Paravent, Ye Olde Font, [Head Board, Saloon, Ye Old A and Z, OK Corral, Backdoor, Westdoors, Door closed, Dalton’s style,

5-    OK ! online !

Propositions : Football Fantasy, ABC Hike, Pigskinia, American Football, Pigskin, Football Guru, Guru Ball, Football Freak, Football Dream, Football Font, Font Ball, Leather & Lace, Touchdown!, 3rd and Long, Capital Puntishment, Footbalphabet, Zip&Rip, Jive!Hive!, Elway, Superbowl Font, [Rugby, C'mon Guys!, Footam, Steetches, Footy style, CuirFoot, Zipball, Rugby, BooBoo

4-    OK ! online !

Propositions : Missing Piece, Puzzle It, Jiggle, Bits and Pieces, Puzzled, Are you Puzzled, Pieces of You, Pieces of Me, Pieces of Raymond, Sherlock Holmes, Hey, There's a Missing Piece!, Do The Edges First, Puzzling, Interconnected, 26 Pieces, Gone to Pieces, Figure it out, Deduction, [Jigsaw, Puzzle it, Alphapuzzle, Jiggys, Puzlic, Puzzle me, Playschool, RubiX, Headbreak, Puzzle, AlphaPuzzle, Enigma

3-    OK ! online !

Propositions : Miss Maple, Autumn Equinox, Falling Down, Falling Up, Canadian Autumn, Rounded Canadian, Canadian Rounded, Feuilles D'Automne, Leaf me alone, Maple Leaf Rag, Maperable, Arcadia, O Canada, Police montee, Feuille de vigne, Feuille divine, Vert dur, Leçons après, Piaf, Oh Canada, Toutes en feuilles,[Belle Canadienne, Automne, Leaflet,
L'erable, erablotomne, Erablautomne, Erable, Vertvent, Maple Leaf, Erable, Canabian Autumn,

2-    OK ! online !

Propositions : Pipeworld, Sewer Connecton, Down the Drain, Drain-O, Charlie O'Drain, Pipeline, Tubism, Fontainebleau, Bent Metal, Plumber's Misfits, Pipefitter, La Pipe Rêve, Pipe Dream, Conduit, WaterWorks, Tuyaux, Plumber's Helper, Egoutiste, Canalyse, Canalyser, Tuyauteuse, Lourde l'eau, Pipe de plomb,[Appelles le plombier, Tuyien, Bamboo, Irondick, Roger, Le plombier est bourré!, Tubes in fall, PipeEnd, LeCanal, Pipe Story, Big Bang, Bambina,

1-    OK ! online !

Propositions : Starborn, Comet Dust, Paper Stars, Tin Stars, Your Name in Lights, Sidewalk Of The Stars, Make me a Star, Fonty Fonty Little Star, Hellbent Sock Relief, Stark, Mary Celeste II, Bone Marrow Bold, Sagan's San Serif, Pling, Stargle, Starman, Times New Roman, Stars In Their I's, Thank My Lucky, Wobbly Stars With Rectangles Behind Them, 5point, Starse, Spackattack, A Chip Off The Old Muffin, Sunny Side Down, Celestial Frozen Yoghurt, Alvin's Egg Box, Chwank, Sheriff John, Star Crazy, Crazed Star, Star Crazed, Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheriff of Rottingham, Star Grazed, Capt'n Howdy, Capt'n Tripps, StarGuzzler, Starcrossed, Twinkle Twinkle, StarBlocks, Circus of the Stars, Deputy Dawg, Theoretical Starfield Grunge, New start, Crunching Stars, star spangled, A-B-C in Stars(Hey, be seeing Stars), Celestial Party, Rêveuses étoiles, Five Pointed Burst, Star Construction Set, Pop Stars, Seein' Stars, Starrific, Starface, Fame, Taco Star, Stars on Parade, A Star is Born, Ziggy Stardust,[Grackle Boxes, Star Attraction(Attraction D'Étoile), Grand Opening(Grand Ouverture), Extravaganza d'étoile, StarSlab Informal, Sagan Serif, Starlic, Scratchy font, Stars on earth, Estrelas, Clostar, Star de A à Z

Envoyez vos idées à en indiquant le numéro de la police
Send your ideas to with the number of the font

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